Iron Castle
Iron Castle

  • Urban Security
  • Drone / UAV Surveillance
  • Anti-terrorism
  • Tactical Intelligence
  • Forensics
  • First Response Support

Innovative. Automatic real-time detection of threats in the presence of high background noise.
Effective. Listening in real-time with audio equalization of sources of interest.
Passive. No radiation from the health and safety of citizens, reduction of operations and maintenance costs.
Flexible. Modular architecture for rapid integration with control rooms and other surveillance systems.
Portable. Wi-Fi connection, reduced size and weight for a quick installation on internal and external urban elements.

Passive Surface Movements Detection
Passive Surface Movements Detection
  • Passive Surface Movements detection of non-cooperative targets in ports and airports
  • Land & Maritime Borders Protection
  • Surveillance of Environmental Protected Areas
  • Covert Surveillance Operations for defense, security & intelligence
  • Increased Classification Capabilities

An innovative Passive Bistatic Radar Technology that exploits the reflections of satellite GNSS navigational signals for 24hr - 7/7 all-weather covert detection of moving targets in air, land and sea. Needs no RF Transmitter, uses miniaturized RX and processing hardware.